Find Your Place

Most of my life has been lived near the coast. Mum, Dad, my Sister and I spent summer holidays at the beach. We returned every year to this place - Torquay Surf Beach in Victoria. The white building is the Surf Life Saving Club and the clifftop projecting into the water we called "The Rocks". Possibly no one else used that name, but every second day a few of us kids would walk barefoot across the sharp, unforgiving rocks down at sea level until we rounded the headland where there were wonderful rock pools. Some large enough to bathe in, others to forage for shells. Your prize was to find a cowry shell to show to your parents.

A short drive along the Great Ocean Road is the renowned Bell's Beach. So many memories flood back from those years, I've lived on the west coast for many years. My sister was over from Melbourne and one day we walked along the beach. As the sea water cooled our feet, the sun warmed our shoulders and she couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It reminded her of Torquay. I just looked at her, "That's why I live here".

I'm grateful for the sun, sand and sea. The ocean is hypnotic and I feel it's magnetic pull. Walking, standing or driving on the coast calms and clears my mind. It's beauty has no comparison when the sun sets into the ocean, partially eclipsed by a container ship out of Fremantle Port and the sky lights up with crimson clouds reflecting in the darkening blue water.

The drivers pull into a parking bay, forgetting about their homeward journey. The walkers and joggers on the clifftop path stop and lean against the pine railing to watch. It's too stunning to ignore and the complete strangers wait together in the sunset, snapping photos and politely acknowledging one another while time, though it doesn't stand still, it slows right down.

It feels like the impossible happened. The journeys of many people were suspended along a few hundred metres of roadway as they gaze out to the intersection of the cooling sun and the warming ocean while hungry seabirds skim the water.

I feel so small after Mother Nature's grand spectacle. I wish everyone could have this feeling. Find your lake, find your forest, find your mountain, view your cityscape, love your parkland, watch your starlit sky, hold your child.

Wherever it is, include it in your journey.. A miracle can happen at sunset. Give yourself a chance.