The Road to the Concert.

With concert tickets for Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra at Wembley Stadium, Tom and friends are on their way. Tom's head is pressed against the back seat window of the taxi watching raindrops ripple the puddles when the traffic grinds to a halt. He's guessing that ELO will play all the old hit songs. In his rain induced reverie Tom remembers music lessons in his childhood, rocking out in his teenage years and the joy of musicianship as an adult.

The taxi pulls alongside another stopped in traffic and as soon as Tom is level, the girl in the other car looks away from him as her girlfriend leaning forward mouths, "What's he doing?" Tom reads her lips, "He's singing".

He sits up straight, suddenly realising he's well into ELO's Telephone Line.

"Okay, so no one's answering. Can't you just let it ring a little longer, longer, longer. Whoa-ooh-ooh, I'll just sit tight, in shadows of the night. Let it ring for ever more. Yeah yeah. Woo ooh ooh", and as he stops singing, his friends turn to look at him. They're anticipating the Doo-Wop part and were going to join in with him.

Tom sees the arching structure over Wembley Stadium coming up. Shouldn't be much longer. Out of the taxi and into the crowd, they wait for their queue to move forward. Passing through security they join the masses filing into the arena. Tom looks up at the steel arch and across to the high tech stage they'll be right in front of.

Wembley Stadium hosts epic sporting clashes and sensational concerts, leaving a fragment of each memory behind in the arena that reconstitutes into an atmosphere and a vibe that fills the air. Today's concert goers fill the stadium intensifying the expectation as Tom and friends head to the front.

Amongst the tens of thousands, Tom feels ready for this and the level of chatter grows louder. As the sun sets Tom turns to look at the crowd in the twilight. At ground level it's a sea of people and the tiered seating is full. Wembley Stadium heaves with fans. Tom feels the high voltage charge from the crowd. He grins and laughs at the scale of this oversized ELO reunion.

Tom watches the technical crew for clues that the show is about to start. The crew are resting from a long day of set up and rehearsal but when the sound and lighting people take their positions and their body language changes from casual to formal, it's on. Tom announces to his friends that the show is starting but they deflect his comment, continuing their conversation. Within 30 seconds the house lights dim, the background music fades, footlights appear on stage and the supporting musicians take their places.

The noise from the crowd lifts with excitement as the introduction rings out for Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra. The audience cheer loudly as he walks on stage with his guitar. It's a first time experience for Tom to see Jeff Lynne up close. The space ship lights up high above Jeff on stage and darkness sets in. The spaceship illuminates and smokes the people in the crowd.

The catchy keyboard riff starts loudly with a telephone ring tone behind it. The piano chords 1-2-3-4 beats per bar. The audience know it and raise their cheers high.

"Hello (The audience sing with him). How are you?

Have you been alright through all those lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights. That's what I'd say. I'd tell you everything

If you'd pick up that telephone."

As the drums, violin and cellos join in on the word "phone", Tom sees the lady standing beside him, the words are piercing for her. The furrow of her brow, the tears in her sad eyes and trying hard to hold back the pain and release the emotions she's held back for - who knows how long? Tom feels sorry for her. She connects with this song deeply and from waving her arms overhead, side to side, she clasps her hands behind her neck, looking up at Jeff to tell her the story she needs to hear. It's a story of living in twilight.

Imagine you are with Tom and his friends as you watch the music video.

Copy, paste and search in YouTube: Jeff Lynne's ELO - Telephone Line Live Wembley Stadium.

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