The Secret Agent

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The paid assassin fires one shot from the 15th floor apartment block across to the executive function room of the adjacent hotel, smashing the large window into the hotel room. He waits then fires once more at the person who is his target. Happy with the blood spatter on the wall, he packs his weapon in a sports bag and takes the stairs down to the back lane exit. It's 9:36 pm as he crosses the road to the carpark. Maddie is on the sidewalk holding a cigarette and turns to him for a light. She's attractive and he flicks his lighter commenting that it's a dangerous habit - smoking. She laughs and says that you never know when your number's up, smiling as she looks him in the eye.

He walks to his expensive car and his phone rings as he gets in. On screen are the words Your Number's Up! He looks through the windscreen and sees Maddie with her phone. She takes a long draw on the cigarette as he realises she's a secret agent and what is about to happen.

He perishes in the fireball. She walks over and his face looks like burnt toast with a grimace on his lips. Smoke rises from where his hair was a moment ago.

Maddie is International Woman, a global espionage agency including a laboratory making the gadgets a spy needs to get them out of tricky situations. Her Lotus has an ejector seat and fires missiles. She has a fly on the wall that contains a miniature camera and microphone, a 4.5 calibre lipstick gun, X-Ray glasses and a watch with a laser beam that cuts through steel.

International Woman's lab tailors gadgets to equip western spies for every situation. Their CRM database holds every customer's measurements, skill set and personal preferences. Maddie delivers a fine product. Reliability is critical, as there is no second attempt if it messes up the first time. Spy gadgets have to blend in. We should never notice that the lipstick can also be the kiss of death.

Efficient, well disguised gadgets leave an impression in the room that this person is professional. Reputation is important for International Woman. If secret agents speak well of their latest gadget to fellow agents then Maddie's lab is in demand.

The Sales Management CRM for the lab holds secret information about gadget suitability for its task and even data on enemy agents, profiling the gadgets they are currently armed with as it's always nice to know how to neutralise them.

Their CRM was modified so that very specific information about the customer can be formatted for gadget design sessions. The more specialised you become in your industry, the more your CRM can serve you well. Whether you're a Formula 1 team, a couture wedding gown maker or a builder of business jets, detailed data at your finger-tips helps develop and market the best products possible.

We asked Maddie why she does field work as well as running the agency and she said that you're not recognised for being very good. You have to be exceptional and she enjoys the feeling of being at the top of her game. Her edgy enthusiasm for this line of work is unsettling.