Corruption & Murder Vs Anne & her CRM Database

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Corruption & Murder Vs Anne & her CRM Management

Doctor Anne is a westerner who lives and works in a poverty stricken city where corruption is rife and every crime can be made to go away for a price. She has sacrificed her comfortable life for harsh conditions because of her love of humanity by providing medical care in a poor community. In her mid-thirties, Anne has a cool, calming nature that flows from her compassionate soul.

Anne oversees the staff dispensing pharmaceuticals from their charity funded warehouse. When she compares the stocktake results to the quantities dispensed they never balance. This cost the charity tens of thousands of dollars in lost pharmaceuticals per month and Anne knows the stolen medications are sold on the black market in the alleyways of the slums.

If the missing stock isn't accounted for, the funds will be cut off. The dispensing staff are not particularly accountable. In the endless queue for medicine, there are organised crime gang members who can talk their way around an expired or lost prescription.

Crime without Punishment

The charity has trained 7 x local people as administrators and most of them live in the neighbourhood of the crime gangs. There is an information leak from the charity to a gang. They always know which drugs to target, with plenty of warehouse stock and high resale value on the black market. The leaked information fuels drug trafficking. Anne has to get proof of who is to blame to stop this from happening. Her talks with police and politicians have failed due to the depth of corruption in the city.

Security Measures

Anne returned home for a short break before returning to the slums and she consulted with a security company about the information leak. The expert in exposing the guilty tells Anne she is too much at risk to do this alone in a foreign country. The expert in retail fraud believes the problem can be solved by closing the loopholes in dispensing. They need a Sales Management CRM database linked to an inventory module with bar coded products read by scanners for dispensing and stocktake. By micro managing the stock movements Anne can reduce the give-aways to a level that will make it unworthwhile for the gangs.

Always a Weak Link

The system is running after 3 months and the weak links are the staff. Anne offers training to harden their attitude against manipulation and 2 of the staff respond well. The others have to be dismissed. 6 x months into the program and they have turned it around. There are still some missing medications, but the majority are accounted for. The savings are $35,000 per month.

The Price You Pay

Anne suffers a major setback arriving early one morning to find one of her 7 administrators slumped in his chair - shot and killed. He was leaking the information and since dispensing had tightened up, the gangs supply had slowed right down. They blamed their informant for inaccurate information and he paid the ultimate penalty.

Anne's friends gave her a dinner in support of her brave but difficult times. She was saddened to lose someone she worked closely with but in her heart she felt it could have been her life taken. Anne is feeling good about the dispensary and the difference it makes to families in the slums. Her system no longer enables a cartel and the funding agency has offered an expansion of her program based on Anne's higher performance at the same funding level.

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