How CRM Databases Became My Business

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Sales Management CRM - align with business strategy

Working in IT in the early 1990's, I saw the release of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office and these foreshadowed Windows PC networks, all of which I introduced to our clients. Some of the IT community said these products would never get traction.

While we were replacing green screen terminals with PC's, software developers were busy releasing Windows programs, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases with sales and marketing functionality.

The uptake of new technology was slow. Microsoft Office was not enough to run a business on and business owners needed education on using new technology to lift performance. When I resigned to start a consulting business, my boss offered a contracting arrangement to keep the clients relationships intact.

EarthCom Communications opened in March 1998 and to keep my work organised, I reviewed the popular CRM Sales Management databases and bought myself a GoldMine Contact Manager.

Clients asked about the technology to improve sales and marketing processes and when it came to CRM databases, many clients just didn't understand. I would show them my GoldMine database. By the meetings end, clients often asked me to supply, install, train and support them with the CRM they had seen, but I had to tell them I was not a database consultant.

A couple of months later there was a call from the GoldMine distributor for the APAC region. It was because of complaints about me and I was alarmed, wanting to know the details. They said that I refused to sell clients the GoldMine CRM but as I was not an authorised reseller of the software, I couldn't do it. They replied, "You're about to be," and they booked me in for training and certification.

That was the beginning of a 10 year journey, working with CRM databases and helping many businesses along the way.

My blog will help you understand Sales Management CRM databases and will:

  • Feature Zoho CRM

  • Include tips and tricks.

The words you write make a bigger difference to the results from your database than ever before as digital media is now linked to your CRM, so I will show you how to improve your written content for sales, marketing and branding in:

  • Emails

  • Social media

  • Websites.

CRM databases do have an impact on the community and there is no better way to appreciate this than to let people tell their stories of hardship and triumph, where a CRM has played a part or could play a part. Watch for our:

  • Client stories

  • Business stories

It's exciting to help business owners leverage their Sales Management CRM in the digital age.