Parking Vs Business. It's a Jungle Out There.

One of my dreams is to make documentaries about important stuff, but if you're being videoed, you pick topics that suit who you are. I'm no spring chicken, so I thought of senior gentlemen who make good docos. There's a famous one, but he's always on a faraway continent, whispering narratives while getting footage of chimpanzees or lions at midnight.

Well that's not me. I'm more likely to be in a parking meter lined avenue, but he could inspire me.


Hello. Today, in a town centre, away from the shopping precinct, we camped overnight amongst a group of small businesses, setting up cameras in the hope of capturing a photograph of the small business customer. These remarkable creatures have become very rare in the central walk and we have set up an elaborate trap, triggered when the customer opens the door to the small businesses, activating the camera shutter.

We've waited undercover in this Telstra tent, undetected. It’s now 2:30 pm and so far not one of the doors has been opened. The small business customer is close to extinction in the central walk due to an introduced species, the bespectacled parking meter officer.

Now the bespectacled parking meter officer can traverse the natural habitat of the small business customer at speeds of up to 8 km per hour. Laying in hiding until the small business customer moves away from their vehicle, he's motionless, eyes unflickering and reduces his breathing to a level that blends him into the background.

As soon as the parking meter expires, he instinctively bolts out from his camouflage and reaches his maximum speed of 8 km per hour getting him to the expired parking meter before the small business customer can bat an eyelid. It’s all over before she knows what happened and another small business customer is lost forever to the central walk.

Do parking meters help business - concept from Cane Spaseski and Peter McCredie.

We support Communities Matter - advocacy group.

Photo: david55king on Visualhunt / CC BY

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