Are you more evolved than the 1907 version of you?

There are two business writing styles giving you an advantage over competitors and a stronger, longer lasting connection to your target market.

Business writing lags behind.

The 1907 advertisement and today's business directories follow a similar writing style, over 100 years later. Product description, features, benefits and an offer.

In the past century, technology has been reinvented repeatedly, graphics, videos and images have made stunning advancements, but improvements in business writing have been outpaced by the snail.

Social media advances.

Compare that to writing in social media, where the average person posts on a wide range of topics while keeping in context within a thread, whether the conversation is friendly, humorous, empathetic or supporting someone who is frustrated. When it comes to writing on social media, improvements have been spectacular - but not in the promotion of business.

Business seeks advantage.

Business owners seek an advantage over competitors to stand out in their market. Most advertisements use price, features and benefits. While that was enough in 1907, everything has moved on to become competitive and more sophisticated. People no longer have the mindset their 1907 self would have had at the same age. Business writing must keep up.

The great untapped advantage exists in business writing where valuable information can be publicised in line with the mindset that people have today:

· People want to know about you, the entrepreneur and your journey.

· They are interested in the back story of your business.

· They want information about your products and services separately to the sales pitch, so they can research and discover without being immediately pushed towards buying.

B2B and B2C.

For businesses supplying end user customers, I've developed a writing style about the journey of the business, the future customer and how their journeys intersect.

People who buy are also people aware of their own journey - locally (family, friends, career), globally (economic conditions, finance, conservation, social issues), and within their mind (beliefs and values). Connect with people at their level, in your target market and you have an advantage.

B2B Wholesale.

For wholesale distributors and manufacturers I've developed business articles about your ideal end user customers who let us in, as they live with their problems. We see how your product changes their lives and we feel empathy, perhaps a problem we experience ourselves.

When people are present to observe the struggle of another, they can connect, especially if both are going through something similar, triggering emotions. When your product or service provides relief, the observer cares more about watching the relief in the other person more than anything else. As a wholesaler, you have an advantage when your reseller sees why their customers will perceive value.

For those who understand.

​These writing styles are for business people who understand that sales and relationships are inseparable in today's internet connected market.


Through business writing we can help you rise above an ocean of mediocrity to influence decisions and commit to customer relationships.


Peter McCredie's uniqueness stems from innovation and creativity.

"When your view of the world is slightly different, you hide it, wanting to be the same as everyone else. In time I grew comfortable with being innovative and creative, feeding my passion for writing articles.

Business writing has changed very little in 100 years. It's fertile ground for gaining advantage, which we're all searching for."

Peter has been in technology since 1988. He project managed the transition to Microsoft Windows and PC networks for many businesses and marketed large software applications to corporate clients. His EarthCom CRM database consultancy customised and supported businesses nationally.

Peter conceptualised a cybersecurity device that prevents online bank accounts being hacked. The project was named BankVault and is now marketed internationally.

For many years Peter has documented the processes that make businesses run. He has been an observer of people in relationships within the business environment and in their social life.

From Peter's experience in technical writing, copywriting and screenwriting, he developed new, advanced writing styles suited to business..

He looks at the journeys and relationships of people and business, sometimes finding unique concepts for articles overlooked by most mainstream writing.

Peter’s contact information:

Mobile: +61 41 386 2260

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