The Street Light

The young foxes first met in the early evening, beneath the street light at the corner of Knight and Day Streets.

It's dusk, and they talk for a while.

He's a few years older, tall with orange fur, white tipped and well dressed.

She's young and trendy with a warm smile.

Reggie Fox was looking at blocks of land.

Young couples were moving into their first homes and Izzie was waiting while her friends were signing with the builder.

It was getting dark as Izzie's friends returned. They would be back in a week.

So next weekend Reggie waited for her by the street light, a Blackbird calling him from above and two hours later she was there with her friends.

Their relationship blossomed and they started dating.

Months passed and they fell in love. After a year he asked Izzie to marry and they were engaged.

Reggie bought land opposite the street light.

They set a wedding date and he started building so that their house would be ready in time.

Reggie and Izzie married and returned to their new home.

They had a happy life, but if ever they argued of an evening he would go across the road and stand under the street light on the corner of Knight Street.

Reggie taught their daughter, January, to bounce a tennis ball off the street sign on the lamp post. Otherwise, a friend would catch it on the other side.

Friends would talk in a group while two of them played ball.

January grew up and moved away while Reggie and Izzie stayed and made a new life.

One day she was gone and he was left to fend for himself.

He didn't know where she went and didn't hear from her.

The neighbours would see Reggie most nights standing under the street light on the corner of Knight Street, in rainy weather or under clear skies and he was waiting for Izzie, the call of the Blackbird his only company.

January was beside herself trying to put him at ease.

In desperation she took him to see a spiritual healer, Karma Cow.

Karma was black and white with an emerald green turban and crystal earrings.

When January brought Reggie into the purple draped room, Karma was startled.

She said "Someone misses you and she's showing me an image".

He asked, "What is the image?"

She said, "It’s a beautiful fox standing beneath a street light and she's waiting for someone".

He said, "That's my Izzie. She ran away a month ago".

"No," said Karma, "she didn't run away. She was lost".

January and Reggie started a new search.

Most nights Reggie stands under the street light on the corner of Knight Street, in rainy weather or clear skies.

It's not just loneliness, it's where he feels connection to his girl. He misses her and this where they first met.

Izzie Fox had gone to find food when she passed a park with a pond. It was a warm day and she lay beneath a tree and fell asleep. When she awoke it was getting dark so she hurried to get home, but Izzie went the wrong way and became lost. She now needed shelter for the night.

Each morning Izzie tried to hurry home and became more lost, until she feared she would never find her way back.

Foxes instinctively connect to nature. Izzie's instincts were blunted living the urban life, but her desire to get back to her family made her sharp again. She had to learn again to see nature and trust her feelings.

It was getting dark and Izzie wanted to find home.

A Blackbird called to her from the water's edge but he was injured and looked too weak to fly.

She felt the same but she told him that she only needed to see from on high to make her way home.

He tried his wings and failed twice. She willed him the strength. The third time he took flight and Izzie followed.

She ran behind him all night, trying not to lose sight of him in the darkness until she felt broken.

Just before dawn Izzie recognised the area and limped along until she could see the street light.

Reggie was there waiting and they fell into each other's arms, the weeks of heartache melting away as they found each other again at the intersection of Knight and Day.

Perched above the street light the Blackbird sang his song.

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