The Dream

The Dream

We have been planning to downsize from an 871 sq m block. We found land closer to the beach and waited a year for green title.

Of a weekend, a steel mesh fence kept us and our Grand-Daughters out of the construction zone, so we stared through the wire while the wind sprayed us with fine, sharp grains from the sandy plain and we would dream about the new house that would be there for us to live in.

The girls found a way to get a better view. They would climb up a two metre sand hill for a birds eye view over the mesh fence where they narrated the dream as it occurred to them.

Childrens Imagined Version

In a land called Amberton, there is a kingdom rising from the sand near the ocean. Nearby is the wreck of the Alkimos which sailed to this shore in search of buried treasure. But she navigated too close to the rocks and ran aground, leaving the pirates to flee the ship, swim ashore and occupy the nearest housing estate.

It's suspected that the buried treasure is in Amberton land. High on a hill between Amberton and Shorehaven is a lonely tree that grows above the scrub. It’s called the Magic Tree and, cross referenced to the pirates map, it points to the buried treasure. No one can get to the pirates map because it's still on board the Alkimos protected by the ghost of its Captain.

Grown Up Version

It starts by getting on the database at the land sales office a year before the land release and it gave us first choice. We have lived in a beach suburb for 34 years. This was an opportunity to build even closer to the beach - walking distance to Amberton and Shorehaven beaches.

Parklands twist and turn through Amberton touching the end of our court. Across the park will be an IGA shopping centre, next to the football oval and playground.

Halfway along Tangelo Grove is a rear access road to garages. We didn't want to be facing that so we chose a block closer to the park. With years of coastal living experience we know that the summers are amazing but there are howling winds off the ocean through the winter. We wanted protection from the winter winds by having the house face away from the ocean so our bedrooms would be in the quiet part of the house.

We all know that the sea breeze, the Fremantle Doctor, is a relief from the hot summer days. With living areas at the back of the house we would have large windows capturing the sea breeze giving rapid relief in time to enjoy the sunset.

Around Tangelo Grove most houses have been built now. The block of land is a downsize for us. At 375 sq mtrs it is less than half our existing land, reducing most of the last 34 years of yard maintenance.

But plans change and we want to help our Daughter, Son-In-Law and the two girls to have their own home. It means we will live in a house large enough for all of us and Tangelo Grove isn't quite right for that lifestyle.

We have to transfer our lifestyle dream from our downsize project to a bigger project and while it's hard, it's a better decision for our family to sell the land in Tangelo Grove.