WA Back on Track

Reshaping WA.

Business confidence is increasing in WA with the Environmental Protection Authority's (EPA) recent release of major project numbers, reminiscent of the resources boom. The EPA received as many proposals in five months as in the previous year covering mining, transport, agriculture and land developments. Dr Tom Hatton, EPA chairman, expects more referrals this financial year including the Metronet plan and project assessments are a key growth indicator, so this looks healthy for the WA economy. Treasurer Ben Wyatt commented that the EPA figures add to the growing case for optimism and the belief that WA is now heading in the right direction.

Local Industry Leaders.

Industry leaders from engineering, finance and training see recovery beginning in the WA economy, as reported at an economic and employment forum. While agreeing on economic improvement in Perth there is still an exodus of workers to the eastern states. The Sydney market is surging and feeding regional NSW. With a possible skills shortage upon us, now is the time to attract good staff and salary packaging is one way of encouraging loyalty.

Marketing and Copywriting.

To prepare for improved trading, it's also time to verify that selling opportunities are being captured and that marketing is generating more profit than costs. Google and others constantly introduce changes to encourage unique and engaging content that holds the reader spellbound, heightening their interest in buying from you.


We are taking our starting positions for the next marathon. If you go into 2018 as a warm up lap rather than the first serious lap of the race, you could find yourself at the back of the pack.