Customer Service - After the Installers have gone.

Advertising your product is often for lead generation.

Validation is what purchasers do before making a decision. After gathering information many will validate with people whose opinions they trust.

In this article the purchaser is validating that, "After the installers have moved on to the next job, will the company still be there for me?".

How do you get a strong message into the mind of your purchaser just before the decision is made? One important issue can reverse a decision to buy on price and this, the Barber Shop article, is one way to influence opinion.

If you're selling on price alone, then leave the purchasers to validate their decisions without your input in the Barber Shops, Hairdressers, Pubs, Restaurants, Café's and Barbeques of the world.

The advertisement example below shows that you can drive lead generation and validation in the same campaign. Your window of opportunity to influence someone shopping around and validating may be quite short.

First in a series of articles called "For the People", where I will write about business from the customer's point of view.