Treaty Man Acknowledges Land Rights

A speech I wrote recently for Colin Pang from CNI Commercial is featured in this blog under the name Treaty Man.

Colin and I wanted to deliver an informing, engaging talk at the SNAP business network in Applecross and I presented on Colin's behalf at The Table business network in Mt Hawthorn as he was unwell.

It was a bit of personal branding for Colin, calling him the Treaty Man, as his work deals with private treaties. This makes Colin unique in his industry as I'm pretty sure there is no other Treaty Man in Commercial Sales and Leasing in Perth.

Today Colin sent me a link to a news article about the Yindjibarndi native title holders in the Pilbara, winning a court case against Fortescue Mining over exclusive rights to a section of Pilbara land near the Solomon mine site. Court cases have been hard fought between these two groups for years so congratulations on this win.

The mine site operation and employment will be unaffected.

I also want to congratulate Colin for delivering a speech that acknowledges the ongoing efforts of indigenous people to have their land rights recognised by Treaty with the Federal Government.

It seems that Colin has taken the speech to heart having noticed, read and distributed the story about the indigenous people of the Pilbara.

What started as a speech has become something else - Colin cares about the issue.

I tell you this Colin, in our story, the main character Annie called you her "Treaty Man".

You're now my "Treaty Man" as well. So proud of your actions.

Read the article: Yindjibarndi-vs-Fortescue