When Writing for Sales and Marketing

Storytelling at The Moth, New York

Selling, Marketing and Stories have one thing in common.

They're all about solving problems.

It's often through reading stories of others solving their problems that we find the strength and insight to solve our own.

In a compelling story, there are a few things going on.

We jump straight into the action. Articles can't have introductory paragraphs to set the scene.

The plot and the personalities of our main characters have to develop quickly while finding ways to give them more depth.

The character from your business should appear early in the story to add credibility rather than appearing suddenly to save the day.

The article must be engaging to get people to read it in the first place, but to hold engagement we must have the right dialogue between the characters. Building up a story to a peak encourages the reader to stay till the end.

Keeping the story simple means that people will remember and tell it to their friends and associates.

Some stories benefit from being larger than life, for example the Treaty Man (which you will find in this blog), linking the troubles of an office tenant to the indigenous communities in the North West and the plea from aboriginal land owners in 1988 to have their land rights recognised in a treaty with the Federal Government, all finally linked to the Australian rock song Treaty, by Yothu Yindi.

This must fit into a short to medium sized article suitable for blogs, social media and websites. Good articles have a tendency to be longer but editing must be harsh, to remove every unnecessary word without losing the meaning. Every remaining word is there for a reason.

While I appreciate that we can all write our own stories, I'm also highlighting that there's a lot to consider when writing something that you want to stand out from the crowd.

My business clients love the Sales and Marketing articles they now have and enjoy the experience of having stories written for them. They never grow tired of telling their stories or revealing the behind-the-scenes secrets of how they were written.

Tell me about your story.

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