If I Live to Be 85

Driving home late, tired and a few too many drinks, Paul's attention was wandering.

Green light - good.

As Paul entered the intersection he realised, "No that one turned red".

Too late. Bright headlights through his side window and it's happening too fast.

Brakes screaming as the 4WD thumps into the driver's side and Paul is crushed from the right.

All is still. Paul can only hear his heart beating fast.

Then silence and he feels like he's floating above the accident looking down at his wrecked car.

He wakes up in hospital. His wife Gemma already at his bedside.

Paul now has to consider his future.

A great guy with a history of poor lifestyle decisions.

Paul drank a little too much and at work he was moved from sales management to the warehouse.

He was paying attention to an office girl and, while no allegations were made, she was the daughter of his boss' friend so he was relocated.

Now everything could go wrong for Paul.

Gemma was suspicious. He could lose her and the kids which would be heartbreaking for them.

The warehouse job paid less than sales management and he would struggle to meet his financial obligations alone.

If he couldn't keep up at work while recovering, he could lose his job.

The car wasn't insured and now had to be replaced.

The future looked bleak.

When discharged from hospital he visited his Grandad who was 85.

Paul always had a great relationship with him.

Grandad told him, "Paul, it's time for a fresh start. You're smart and capable but you're living your life as if you're the most important person.

I love your confidence, but you must honour the values taught by your family.

Paul, there are four seasons in your life and as you change from one season to the next, we need to see if you can handle the changes.

Now, my boy, you are 45. The next 25 years will be the best or the worst of your whole life.

I fear to see your future without Gemma and the children, who love you.

I fear to see you without work and your career could suffer if you accept the first job that pops up.

Without guidance you could be retiring alone and on the lowest pension.

You need to be loved by your family in the last season of your life, so don't push them away.

Don't become the man with no money and no assets who lives with regrets.

Go back to your boss and apologise. Tell him about the changes you have planned as a responsible member of the main office and get your career back on track.

You don't yet own property and this is the time to invest the money you and Gemma have saved.

You have enough deposit to buy a house together but make your relationship right with Gemma and be rock solid for her.

Then begin to build financially.

A family home is a good start. Surround yourself with experts who will help you see the best property finance options and choose wisely.

Let the property grow in value and seek advice on investment options.

Build your wealth to help you find contentment and pride in what you've achieved.

You need to become the master of all this in the next 25 years.

You'll reap the rewards as you mature, when you become the oldest and wisest family member.

Paul, I was one of the first people to hold you on the day you were born.

I love you as I always have and today I set your course, as I am bound to do.

Come give me a hug my Grandson before you go."

"Thank you Grandad. You're amazing and an inspiration to me.

If I live to be 85 I want to be like you.and hand down the wisdom to my family to keep them strong.

I love you too," said Paul as he hugged his Grandad.

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