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Since 1998 EarthCom Communications consulted on CRM databases, Telco , I.T. services and is a marketing agency.

Peter McCredie believes that the small business community needs the most help in marketing.


There aren't too many people showing us how to make technology in marketing work for our unique business. How do we join the dots so that the website blog works with the social media which drives data for the email campaign back to the landing page which only works if we target the right part of our market, which won't work well if we use the wrong call to action? Oh, and if our copywriting is boring, then nothing works.


Peter provides small campaigns that are low cost and customised to communicate with your target market. Allow the campaigns to grow the business, providing investment into more campaigns. Let it be organic.


Peter is the writer for the agency. "The only way to be successful in writing copy is to stand out from the crowd. On the internet you'll find endless amounts of very ordinary writing and nobody's interested. Expenditure on websites, SEO, social media and advertising amount to little if the words that are written are ordinary."


Peter has developed his creative writing skills to ensure that he can engage the reader, use emotion to keep them engaged and make them want to stay to the end of the story. He wrote an article for Anzac Day based on his parents wartime experiences and a love that will never die. Peter was overwhelmed by the reaction to the story entitled Before the Parade (It's one of the featured stories in our header). He now realised what he must do for his clients.


Not all articles need creative and emotional writing, but Peter developed both conventional and creative articles. He now has a blend of both which, like coffee, can have stronger or weaker creative content to suit the client.


A full range of marketing services that have been structured for our target market - the small business. A coffee catch up is the best way to talk further and Peter can be reached on 041 386 2260 or

Products and Services


Special Offer


$ 49.00 per page

Here is an affordable opportunity to work with a copywriter.

I will research the topic with you to create the most effective article possible.

The article can be conventional content, creative or a blend of both.

Up to 5 x separate edits of the article included in the promotional price. Additional edits can be made at additional cost.

This promotion is an article of 1 x page or part thereof for $49.00.

Only small businesses eligible - Less than 15 employees.

The article is to be for marketing purposes.

Text only provided. Graphics and design can be provided at additional cost.

This promotion is not available to marketing or advertising agencies, media companies or businesses working in the media or marketing communications industries and the article cannot be resold. The article cannot be reused by another company.

Do you have:

  • An article to write about your products

  • Something to put up on Social Media

  • A story to put up on your webpage

  • A column for your newsletter

  • A flyer to put together for email and printout

  • A speech to write?

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